Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easier said than done.. Star Wars party.

I love my little boy, and he loves Star Wars.. Even though he is only two (and would realistically be as excited for Elmo as much as Star Wars) I could not resist this theme. I am sure I will have to redo it when is is older as well, so we will just call this "practice"..
I was so excited by this theme, that I started planning it at least 6 months before his birthday, but alas I am, if nothing else, a horrible procrastinator. So the work for it didn't start until the week before. A mental note, things usually go wrong when you don't have time to re plan and redo.
My little girl had a Princess birthday the month before (post coming soon), and it was AMAZING, so I figured Star Wars would be that easy and even more awesome. I knew I needed a pinata. For the Princess birthday I made the carriage like in Cinderella, it was really beautiful and a huge hit for all the kids (litterally). I thought how hard can a Death Star be, it is just a circle... Oh silly me..

This is the picture that I found on Pinterest, however the link did not come with any instructions. Silly me again, "Oh, no biggie, I can totally wing that!"

And this is my FAIL.. The indent was awesome to begin with, but for some reason my "ball" deflated and crumpled in the middle of the drying process.. Also, the black stripes were done with electrical tape (I thought a genius idea at the time), however they did not like to stick. I think it was the stretching them that did them in.
In the end, it a good thing that they just ended up smashing it... I wanted to!
Next on my list was the cupcakes, I found this amazing cupcake on Pinterest.. Again no directions.. No biggie right, looks totally simple.. Hahahaaha! Sometimes my thought process amazes me. Frosting cupcake queen I am not, I don't even get internship status on that. Was that going to stop me..... NO!

And here is my total FAIL.. I will say, it was amazingly yummy frosting. not a great color though. The little man loved his cupcake, and that is all that really mattered. I will say Jabba the Hut, as shapeless as he is, is not an easy thing to tackle..

In the end, the little man had an awesome birthday. Even with his Mommy's crafty flops.. But you know, you can't be awesome all the time, right?
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