Sunday, July 28, 2013

Door Coat Storage

We recently moved to a new house, and found ourselves in need of some new "practical" pretty furniture. Our old house was a split entry, with the coat closest right by the front door, our new house boasted a large beautiful entry way. While I love the style of the new one way more, it was with out a closet of any kind.
I admit (quietly, to myself only) that I do have a HUGE Pinterest addiction, and on there I have seen many benches with storage that I thought were very beautiful. However, when it came right down to making something I really wanted it to be my own.
For some reason, in trying to find the right front door for our new house, we seemed to have accumulated 3 other wood doors (all part of that OCD thing) that were just smaller in size, but all not the same size either. Well being the true crafter I am, nothing like that can go to waste.. The brain started, and didn't stop.
I will say, I am highly blessed with a husband that will indulge my thoughts, even when he thinks that my designs sometimes won't work under any sane circumstance. (This was one of those times)
But in the end, he finally came to see it my way! :) And the most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L thing I have ever done was born!
I had picked up some old door knobs and all the parts on EBay (that would be my other addiction) a little while ago and knew they would be the perfect finish to this project.

So Pretty!

I also found some cast iron door knockers and cast iron handle at the last Scrapbooking Expo, I know really... Of course they have EVERYTHING!!

And these super cool hinges, when I found them I was afraid that when I got them working it would chip away all of the old paint that made them so perfect. (it didn't... still perfect!)

We did need to add a little height to it, for it to make my OCD not go into overdrive, but we only had so many inches to be able to get all the pieces out of the two cut doors. So thinking...thinking.. Oh yeah! Door knob feet! PERFECT!

Of course I have extra rusty door knob! (Sometimes being almost a hoarder pays off!)

Now I have the most amazing beautiful front entry coat storage! Have I said I LOVE this!
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